Casa Reno Direct is a new company. It has commissioned Avion Rouge to design :

  • Its corporate image, name and logo (see article);
  • His signature: Your wholesale for the home;
  • The interior design of its points of sale (see article);
  • The graphic design of its circulars and leaflets (see article);
  • The design of his website.

For the website, the challenge was to find an architecture and a design that was clear, structured and pleasant to consult:

  • The design of his website.
  • Creation of a menu-type top tab allowing you to switch from one product section to another at any time (flooring, ceramic tiles, bathroom and ventilation);
  • Highlight the name of the section visited and its sub-categories;
  • Highlighting promotions;
  • Have a shopping cart summary at all times;
  • Design all types of product configurations (by quantity, by surface area, by box, by color, by unit range);
  • Have a graphic design that evokes construction but asserts the main target of the site, the private individual, who wishes to renovate.