The CÉRRIS-CNESM project builds on the best rehabilitation practices, oriented towards the recovery of individuals, recognized in the field of mental health rehabilitation and on modern support mechanisms and knowledge enhancement.

The use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) makes it possible to offer stakeholders, clinical coordinators, managers, families, loved ones and service users places to access knowledge and develop skills.




  • Create a very easy to use registration platform for customers
  • Allow CÉRRIS-CNESM administrators to manage their platform 100%.
  • knowledge sharing process (individual level of ownership) and on the quality of SIM and FSS services (system level)
  • Harmonize the design of the platform with the existing CÉRRIS-CNESM site.



  • Using WordPress as a CMS
  • Use of a 100% responsive and flexible theme for administrators
  • Use Event Manager for reservations allowing administrators to manage 100% of their calendar, categorize each activity and make them visible according to each customer authorization level.
  • Use of Gravity Form plugin for the creation of forms and to be able to manage several levels of customer authorization, and to be able to export all the data to measure the impact.