Avion Rouge, specialized in WordPress website development, was mandated to completely redesign the website of SAS Charlier & Fils

The final concept of the site was designed to present the company’s products and services but also to leave a lot of room for photos and video. Visitors can thus appreciate each product in detail


Here is what guided the creative and technological choices for the development of the site

More than a century after its foundation, Charlier remains a family business on a human scale that combines regional presence, technical innovation and local service

The mandate:

  • Photo retouching;
  • Realization of technical diagrams;
  • Mounting of templates for comparison tables;
  • Video editing;
  • Development of all pages;
  • Site editing and CMS (WordPress) configuration;
  • Transfer of data from the old site to the new site;
  • Manage redirections from old to new urls;