Project Description

Find the name and brand image of the new renovation products distribution company

The name* brings out

  • The business body: RENO
  • The target: The individual and the professional, CASA
  • The price: DIRECT

The logo highlights

  • The business body: Stripes
  • Consulting Services: The Dialogue Bubble Effect

* Can be used in French and English.

The colors

Get closer to the consumer with young, vibrant colours that stand out from the competition.


A typography without impasto, bold but with roundness for the words CASA and RENO, which evokes solidity and style.
A sans serif typography and fine for the word DIRECT. It evokes simplicity and efficiency.

The visual (pictogram)

A striped stripe reminiscent of those used on construction sites but with young, modern and vibrant colours.
And the addition of a “dialogue bubble” effect to evoke the quality of the services and advice offered by the company.